Ndugulile upbeat over prospects provided by ICT and the Internet

29Apr 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Ndugulile upbeat over prospects provided by ICT and the Internet

​​​​​​​COMMUNICATIONS and Information Technology minister Dr Faustine Ndugulile has been upbeat over various opportunities from the growing information communication technology, the use of Internet in particular, for the conduct of business activities, economy and development in general.

The minister was speaking at the opening the 41st Southern Africa Telecom Association (SATA conference of telecommunications companies and institutions from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in Dodoma early this week conducted via video conference.   23 countries of the region took part..

Dr Ndugulile said it would be better to continue with education in the correct use of social networks in order to reduce network crime and plummeting of ethics in the society to go in par with the African traditions and customs.

Tanzania was chairman of the conference through Tanzania telecommunications Company Limited (TTCL).

Dr Ndugulile said he likes to see the costs of communication among SADC countries are reduced by making robust systems in establishing a regional hub instead of routing communication to Europe and the US then back to the recipients.

“The government has enabled internal communications as a country hence it was able to reduce communication cost and among the better performing services is the mobile money transfer making Tanzania among leading countries in the continent,’ he said.

He added as a country there have been big achievements in taking financial services close to the people via mobile networks whereby more than 32 million people use the services and more between 15 and 20 trillion shillings is transacted every month.

“Internal communications within the SADC countries will reduce costs and will enable economic and development activities to make big strides including money transfer among SADC countries via telecommunication firms,” Dr Ndugulile added.

He said the government continues with its strategies to enable the availability of equipment using the Internet at low cost by establishing factories for assembling smartphones as well as welcoming other investors for manufacturing and assembling of smartphones.

For his part, TTCL managing director Waziri Kindamba said in 12 months’ time they will make sure SATA becomes a regional integration hub that will simplify as well as reduce communication service costs among SADC member states.

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