NEMC calls on Tanzanians to preserve beaches environment

24Jun 2019
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
NEMC calls on Tanzanians to preserve beaches environment

THE National Environment Management Council (NEMC), Nipe Fagio Civil Society, Aspect and Green Waste Pro have taken part in the cleanliness on the Andy beaches located in Mbezi B area as part of celebrating the Public Service Week, calling for the preservation of environment.

Speaking to journalists during the cleanliness of the beaches in question, the NEMC Acting Eastern Zone Manager, Engineer Benjamin Mchwampaka said it was important that people build up beach hygiene habit since most of beaches are public places.

“The Andy beaches have had a lot of dirt due to the lack of long-term hygiene; this cleanliness exercise is to encourage residents of these areas to be committed in making regular hygiene for the safety of the beach environment,” said Eng. Mchwampaka.

He said in the sanitation exercise they discovered non-recycled plastic bottles which indicates that those who goes to the area for enjoyment are not conscious with the conservation of the environment.

“We have sorted the bottles in various categories to help us establish the type of waste especially colored bottles and establish the producers so we can liaise with them for recycling plans to arrest the situation,” he said.

He pointed out that there are youths who are already employed themselves in the collection of bottles and return them to producers for recycling, adding that the plan so far involves water bottles and not coloured bottles, thus a similar plan is needed for coloured ones.

“To a large percentage plastic waste is a tragedy due to the fact that in the soil they don’t decay easily and, in the sea, they destroy the ecosystem and lead to the extinction of marine creatures,” he said.

Eng. Mchwampaka said the government has made great strides in protecting environment by prohibiting the use of plastic bags which was tarnishing the country’s image in environment protection efforts.

The current slogan in protecting environment is; lets join hands in keeping our environment clean and safe, don’t change packaging into carriages” he said adding that public education was underway in a bid to make people understand the difference between packages and carriages.

He added that already the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has asked producers and importers of the packaging to secure permits in a bid to get necessary instructions on the approved standards.

The Mbezi Beach B local government chairperson, Fatuma Ramadhan thanked the government and environmental stakeholders for the noble course as it has intensified the empowerment of the people in volunteering on social activities.

Th Social Development Officer from the Nipe Fagio organization, Abdalah Mikulu said the partnership between environmental stakeholders and the government will help to alleviate the problem of waste in the country and lead to a safe environment for the present and future generations.