NEMC to destroy 10 tonnes of impounded plastic bags

08Jan 2020
The Guardian
NEMC to destroy 10 tonnes of impounded plastic bags

THE National environmental Management Council (NEMC) for the Southern Highlands Zone is planning to destroy more than 10 tonnes of plastic bags impounded recently in Songwe region after entering into the country illegally.

NEMC manager southern highlands zone that incorporates Mbeya, Iringa, Songwe and Njombe Arnold Mapinduzi said the 10.6 tonnes consignment was impounded by Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA)   together with 67.67 kgs of the bags that  were earlier seized by the police in Songwe.

Mapinduzi called upon people living in border areas, especially Tunduma in Songwe Region and Kasmulu in Mbeya region to be vigilant in ensuring banned plastic bags don’t find their way into the country.

He said NEMC in the southern highlands zone continues to look out for people who import the banned bags or manufacture the same in the country.

He said since the bags ban NEMC had been fighting people who manufacture, import and distribute the bags in various areas in the southern highlands zone and that just recently they discovered a factory making the banned bags in Mbeya region.

He said it has reached a time the ordinary wananchi to completely stop using the banned bags and whoever will be caught using them will be liable to 30,000/- to 200,000/- fine or seven days in prison or both.

He said NEMC will conduct inspections on passenger buses and lorries  because such vehicles having been found carrying the banned items.

He also warned some wananchi that they are not supposed to use wrappers that have not been allowed   for carrying goods and anyone found   doing so will be dealt with accordingly.