NEMC destroys 2 million poor quality bags

14Nov 2019
The Guardian
NEMC destroys 2 million poor quality bags

THE National Environment Management Council (NEMC) has destroyed over two million none-confirming alternative bags made by Jin Yuan Investment Industry and also eight sacks of packaging materials imported here illegally.

Speaking shortly after the exercise in question, the director general of NEMC, Dr Samuel Gwamaka said the action taken would stand as a warning to other culprits who fail or ignore to adhere to set standards of 70gsm which is detrimental to local market conditions.

“Our target is to protect local industries and ensure they get priority in the market share, but this has been contrary as some of the local factories have opted to violate standards set by Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) of 70gsm,”Dr Gwamaka said.

He added that such a violation hampers the control of imported alternative bags thus NEMC has embarked on a countrywide

crackdown on the violators, adding that stain measures would be taken.

“If all the producers adhere to set standards and put label in their products, the work of identifying the poor quality bags would be simplified and the authority would easily be able to pin down all the culprits,” he said.

Dr Gwamaka pointed out that since the fifth phase government led by President John Magufuli has emphasized on building industrial and middle income country by 2025, NEMC is playing a role by creating an enabling environment by educating investors and guiding them on environmental best practices.

“I would like to call upon business people to stop importing poor quality or inferior bags because by so doing they are sabotaging the country’s economy,” he said.

Dr Gwamaka called on citizens to shun purchase and use of bags that has no label, adding that by so doing they would be contributing towards economic sabotage, asking them further to report those who uses such bags.

In another development, NEMC has called on all the penalised producers of bags to make sure that they pay fines within deadline and destroy goods or do recycling to meet standards.

For his part, NEMC Board Member, Damas Masologo said the Council’s main objective is to protect environment and not closing down factories, adding that advocacy would continue for investors to be conversant with the country’s laws and regulations on environment.