NEMC threatens to withdraw licences from defaulting experts and firms

11Jan 2019
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
NEMC threatens to withdraw licences from defaulting experts and firms

THE National Environment Management Council (NEMC) has said it will withdraw licences from environment consultants and consultancy firms who shall fail pay statutory fees within the next two months.

NEMC Director General, Dr Samuel Gwamaka,

The NEMC Director General, Dr Samuel Gwamaka, told reporters in Dar es Salaam recently that consultants and consultancy companies will jeopardize the positions for failing to pay in time   specified fees.

He said the council has put in place a monitoring schedule to follow up payment of government fees and keep track of performance of recognized consultants and consultancy companies.

 “They are our important stakeholders. But they have to pay statutory fees in two months.  After that period we shall make a countrywide inspection and withdraw licences from defaulting stakeholders.  We may be forced to take legal action against obstinate defaulters,” he warned.

The DG explained that the fees, when paid timely, they enable the council to discharge well its duties which include giving advice to environment stakeholders and inspecting project sites.

He asked consultants, consultancy companies and institutions that have environment impact assessment certificates to observe the law to avert administrative upsets.  The DG  asked those without certificates to visit NEMC offices in  Dar e s salaam,  Arusha, Dodoma,  Mbeya, Mtwara  Mwanza for consultations and advices on their projects.

The Eastern Zonal Coordinator,  Jaffari Chimgege, said NEMC officials will be visiting sites in Dar es Salaam, Tanga, Morogoro and Coast to see whether or not holders of EIA certificates comply with EIA requirements.

He also explained that NEMC has registered 1000 environment consultants and 200 consultancy firms to take NEMC services close to the people countrywide.