NEMC warns environment polluters in Mbinga district

16Jul 2019
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NEMC warns environment polluters in Mbinga district

THE National Environment Management Council (NEMC) has warned environment polluters in Mbinga and Nyasa districts in Ruvuma region, asking them to shun deforestation least they destroy Lake Nyasa's ecology.

Lake Nyasa.

The director general of NEMC, Dr. Samuel Gwamaka said during his tour of the council’s southern zone in the region. The tour was aimed at inspecting environmental challenges in Mbinga and Nyasa districts.

“Deforestation leads to soil degradation especially during rain seasons of the lake Nyasa ecology ,” he warned.

Dr Gwamaka pointed out that education to people living in the area especially on the impacts of deforestation was important because the ecology was the sources of water flowing into the lake.

“It should also be noted that deforestation leads to infertility of the soil as all the fertile layer of the soil is eroded during rain seasons, this will lead to reduced productivity in agricultural sector, to shun these impacts we must protect the environment,” he said.

He gave an example of river Luhuhu which had dried up a sign of pollution at high levels. The river is one of the Lake Nyasa main water sources.

“If the situation continues we may end up losing Lake Nyasa, therefore, joint efforts from every citizen is highly needed in averting the situation,” he said.

He said special attention was also needed on the Livingstone mountains which is also one of the sources of Lake Nyasa waters, adding that people living near the mountains should be custodians of environmental protection.

“I went through some villages in Mbinga district and found out many forest trees had been cut down, it’s high time that the village leaders helped stop this trend from continuing,” he said.

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