New book by former CAG ‘weapon’ against embezzlement of public funds

02Dec 2021
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
New book by former CAG ‘weapon’ against embezzlement of public funds

​​​​​​​THE government says a new book authored by the retired Controller and auditor General, Ludovick Utouh, is a weapon in the fight against embezzlement of public funds.

Finance and Planning minister Dr Mwigulu Nchemba.

The book, titled 'Principles of Public Sector Auditing - The Case of SAI Tanzania' was officially launched on Monday in Dar es Salaam.

Speaking at the launching event, Finance and Planning minister Dr Mwigulu Nchemba his speech read on his behalf  by the ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Emmanuel Tutuba said the book   is an important ‘weapon’ against public funds embezzlement.

"We are taking the book as an important lever that shows us auditing gaps and other weaknesses to be worked upon, hence it will assist us to rescue public funds,” he said.

The PS said it was essential for all internal auditors and accounting officers countrywide to buy the book as it contains many basic issues on auditing of public funds and finance auditing in general.

Instructing all responsible accounting officers to have the book, he said by reading it they will enhance their experience in on how to manage public funds in order to ward off financial conflicts between them and the government.

He said the book has come up at the right time as as currently the government was dishing a lot of money to local councils for implementation of various development projects and service delivery.

‘So, through the book we believe accounting officers will enhance their knowledge in implementing their duties,” he said.

However, Tutuba called on Utouh and the WAJIBU Institution he leads to translate the book into Kiswahili to make easy for all Tanzanians to read and understand.

The book sells at 40,000 and its author, Utouh says he was compelled to write it after seeing very little understanding on auditing issues in the public sector.

"The book talks on the subject that is taught in colleges but the truth is the subject has no written content in book form.

"hence you will find that the subject was being taught by adhering to what the Constitutions and other relevant laws say, even at the time when I was teaching at Mzumbe University, I saw the problem. But after I became CAG I still saw the problem going on – people not fully understanding auditing in the public sector,” said Utouh.

Reading the speech on behalf of the Controller and Auditor General Charles Kichere, Deputy CAG, Sakina Mkumba said the book has adhered to all criteria in the issue of auditing.

“The book is not only beneficial to Tanzania, but also to other countries, taking into consideration that 26 African countries use English,” Mkumba added.