New project launched to transform lives of artisans in Morogoro

28Jan 2019
The Guardian
New project launched to transform lives of artisans in Morogoro

THE Tanzania Arts and Crafts Identification Project (TACIP) has launched new project aimed at transforming lives of artisans and craftsmen in Morogoro Region.

Morogoro Regional Commissioner, Kebwe Steven Kebwe (L) receives teaching materials of TACIP project from TAFCA president, Adrian Nyangamalle. Photo: Guardian Correspondent.


Among other issues, the project will provide artisans and craftsmen with skills that will make them explore and improve their talents through technology.

Speaking at the official launch of the project, President of the Tanzania Federation of Crafts and Arts (TAFCA), Adrian Nyangamalle said that the major aim of the project is to identify local artists and craftsmen and link them with various opportunities to scale up their talents.

According to him, the project also works closely with the government to address various challenges facing the group.

Morogoro Regional Commissioner, Kebwe Steven Kebwe applauded efforts done by TAFCA in collaboration with Data Vision International team for coming up with the project which will transform lives of local artisans and craftsmen in the country.

According to him, under good supervision of the ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports through National Arts Council, Tanzania (BASATA),  the project will enable the artisans to benefit more from their work by getting wider market to sell their products.

 “We are real thankful and we welcome TACIP in our region, my office promises to provide full support to enable its smooth implementation,” Kebwe said.


A representative of artists, Gozbetha Rwezaula said the implementation of the project is going to address various challenges facing the sector thus raising the local artistes to the international level.


She mentioned some challenges facing the artists as bureaucracy done by BASATA during registration, poor market, lack of access to loans and capital.


“We are appealing for the government to address this challenge. Artists should also make sure that they adhere to laws and regulations when fulfilling their duties,” she said.

Dumila Ward leadership promised to establish a special centre which will be used to bring together local artisans and craftsmen to discuss and share experiences and opportunities for their progress.




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