New system to track up-country buses being installed

20Aug 2016
Getrude Mbago
The Guardian
New system to track up-country buses being installed

THE government has said it is in the process of installing a new vehicle tracking system for all up-country-bound buses to in order to monitor their speed with a view to minimizing road accidents.

Gillead Ngewe

Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (Sumatra) Director General Gillead Ngewe said in Dar es Salaam yesterday that the government would also make it mandatory for all bus owners to install tracking gadgets on their buses for easy monitoring.

According to him, the new system would monitor the speed of the bus, manage its route and schedule for better service delivery.

“If the vehicle is moving at high speed, you will be informed and you can warn the authorities to control it to avoid accidents,” he said, adding that it will also be an effective monitoring tool for drivers and conductors.

“Unlike the former speed governor system, this new device to be installed on long-distance buses is capable of capturing all important data and is not easy to tamper with,” he said, adding:

“This time, the initiative is being championed by transport stakeholders including bus owners themselves because any loss of life also means loss of business,”

Meanwhile, Sumatra has called on bus operators in the country to remain calm as the government prepared a major vehicle safety inspection drive and schedule to be conducted later this month.

According to him, bus owners, through their association, Tanzania Bus Owners Association (Taboa), had been pressing the Authority to conduct the inspection in August, this year, which was too short a time for the government.

“We commend Taboa’s advice but this issue needs time to prepare the areas in which it will be held and equipment as well,” Ngewe explained.

He warned bus operators to comply with the rules governing their licences, otherwise measures would be taken against anyone who breaks them.

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