NGOs urged to submit reports on their projects

12Aug 2020
The Guardian
NGOs urged to submit reports on their projects

​​​​​​​NON-governmental organisations (NGOs) are required to submit reports on their activities to the community in meeting their goals of assisting the government.

Kigoma Regional Administrative Officer Samwel Tenga.

The call was given by the Acting Kigoma Regional Administrative Officer Samwel Tenga at a joint meeting with the NGOs and the coordinating team from the office of the Registrar of NGOs.

Tenga said the main aim in establishing the NGOs was not primarily in seeking employment but to identify the existing gap in serving the people.

He said from Kigoma Region’s experience, communication has not been good as out of 150 NGOs in the region that are identified, those which submit reports are not more than ten.

“It is a challenge because the government in the region or district is supposed to know its stakeholders and their contribution to the community, there is the issue of providing reports on projects under implementation, but there is a communication gap,” he said.

Coordinating and Assessing Officer from the Registrar of NGOs Musa Leitura said the government recognizes NGOs’ contribution in serving the community.

"We have visited some of the NGOs and found many projects satisfactory, in the circumstances we recognise that you are doing good work in assisting the government,” he said.

He said some of the deficiencies identified include lack of offices, non-submission to the registrar, lack of sustainable planning in regard to projects and nonpayment of fees.

Kigoma Community Development Officer Msafiri Mzunusi stressed on the need for NGOs to involve the government about their projects plans before their implementation.

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