NHC slated over poor houses

10Feb 2017
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NHC slated over poor houses
  • A parliamentary committee in Dodoma takes the state-run company to task over the quality of its housing units built in Dar es Salaam’s Kigamboni District

THE parliamentary committee on Lands, Natural Resources and Tourism yesterday accused the National Housing Corporation (NHC) of building ‘sub-standard’ housing units in Dar es Salaam.

Reading a report on the implementation of various projects carried out by the state-owned NHC in the city during the 2016/17 financial year, committee chairman Atashasta Nditiye questioned the quality of NHC units located in the Muongozo area of Kigamboni District.

“The houses there are sub-standard and too small,” Nditiye, an engineer by profession, told the National Assembly here yesterday.

The member of parliament for Muhambwe constituency (CCM) said the committee’s assessment showed that that although the housing units were categorised as ‘low cost’ to be sold to low income earners, their quality and size did not correspond with how much they cost to build.

This, he said, raised the alarm about the possibility of the whole project being over-priced.
The committee chairman also expressed concern that the project might not benefit the target market because, apart from purchasing land for the project, the developer incurred the costs of putting in place all other utilities and infrastructure such as power, water and roads.

To recoup the investment, the price of each housing unit is likely to have to be hiked and, as a result, become unaffordable for the low income earners for whom the project was intended in the first place, he noted.

For such a project to truly benefit low income earners, the committee recommended that the project developers should leave aspects such as installing utilities to other companies dealing with the same.

It was also noted that there is still a lot of unfinished business related to the project, including compensation still to be paid to the former owners of the project land.

Contributing to the discussion on the report, Kigamboni MP Dr Faustine Ndugulile decried the fact that the compensation was still being delayed although the project has been underway for the past nine years already.

This payment delay was causing untold suffering to the intended beneficiaries who continue to wait in vain, Ndugulile said.

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