NHIF targets up to 75pc health coverage by 2025

16Jan 2020
The Guardian
NHIF targets up to 75pc health coverage by 2025

NATIONAL Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) Director General, Dr Bernard Konga said yesterday that 75 percent of the public will be covered by health insurance schemes by 2025.

NHIFDirector General, Dr Bernard Konga

Dr Konga made the statement in Arusha when launching a campaign to encourage city resident to join health insurance through its recently launched packages.

“The new health insurance packages are meant to allow individuals to join the system and enjoy reliable medical services throughout the year,” he said, noting that by 2025 a significant percentage of adults and children will have been covered.

The fund is determined to ensure provision of quality health services to its members as well as increasing the number medical treatment centers across the country, he asserted.

Arusha Regional Commissioner Mrisho Gambo said the government has been working to improve the health delivery and infrastructures at various health facilities countrywide.

With health insurance Tanzanians are likely to work comfortably as they are sure of medical services, he stated.

“It is important to join a health insurance scheme with the fund for reliable medical services. It is the responsibility of leaders to sensitize people to join the fund since it is for their own benefit,” the RC emphasized, elaborating that with a NHIF card people can access medical treatment countrywide.

The new NHIF packages breakdown show that individual persons in the 18 years to 35 years age group are entitled to cover ranging from 192,000/- to 516,000/- in price, while people falling in the 36 years to 59 year age category cough up 240,000/- to 612,000/- , and those aged 60 years and above need 360,000/- to 984,000/- to obtain fund packages.

The list shows that couples with more than one child will contribute between 612,000/- and 1,644,000/- across that range of packages.

The Najali Afya Premium package comprises of services such as up to 30 days admission for in-patients each year, laboratory services and radiology, while antenatal care will be issued after two years of enrollment under this scheme.

As for Wekeza Afya Premium, beneficiaries will be eligible for in-patient services and admission of up to 45 days, along with antenatal care after the first year of enrolment and specialist surgeries.

Other services on offer are laboratory, radiology, ultrasound and CT Scans, which can be acquired after the first year of membership.

 There is also Timiza Afya package comprising of up to 60 days of inpatient services, antenatal services after the first year, specialized surgeries and other basic services.

Beneficiaries are eligible to obtain services from dispensary to regional referral hospital level, the director added.

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