NHIF unveils mobilisation campaign to woo more members

13Jan 2020
The Guardian
NHIF unveils mobilisation campaign to woo more members

THE National Health Insurance (NHIF) has unveiled a mobilisation campaign on the citizenry to join various health insurance packages so that it becomes easy for Tanzanians to get treatment without the need to pay cash.

Speaking here yesterday at the launch of the campaign the NHIF board chairman Anne Makinda said there are many hospitals but many people fail to get treatment because they are not insured as new Tanzania is for the wananchi to have health insurance and in many parts of the world health insurance is a must.

She said: “When you become ill you get quick treatment as you are certain to get treatment, as becoming ill is not a matter of choice or time, sometimes you become ill when you have no money. This is not a political campaign hence my call to Tanzanians is for them to have health insurance.”

She also directed NHIF workers to go from house to house in the streets and business places to educate people on the importance of health insurance.

NHIF director general Bernard Konga said only 34 per cent of Tanzanians are in health insurance system and added that the aim of the Fund is to increase this number hence they have started mobilizing people to join the Fund via its various packages.

He said is pursuing this objective we have put in place various plans to ensure people  get the opportunity to have health insurance through various groups such as public servants, private sector employees, students, children under 18 years of age, entrepreneurs and farmers.

He said the Fund has also plans for othe groups such as motor cycle riders, journalists, and street traders. He said the expected increase of the members will go in tandem with registration of treatment centres by registering more than 7,000 of them countrywide so that a member gets health services wherever he/she may be.

A representative from the Mwanza regional commissioner Dr Phillis Nyimbi and religious leaders – Coordinator of Mwanza Region Peace Council Dr Zenobius Isaya and the region’s Chief Sheikh Hassan Kabeke have encouraged the region’s residents to join the health fund.

He said the government spends a lot of money to ensure the nation has healthy people that will fully participate in building the nation to become a middle income economy.

Vice chairman of Mwanza Machinga group Joseph Mwita and chairman of Bodaboda owners group Gerald Nyerembe thanked the government for saving the entrepreneurs’ lives by recognising their groups, and promised they will use the opportunity to be certain of ready medical treatment.