NIDA improves national identity cards registration, issuance

23Aug 2019
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
NIDA improves national identity cards registration, issuance

EFFORTS are being made by the National Identification Authority (NIDA) to ease the process of obtaining national identitication cards and national dentification numbers.

A statement issued by the authority said yesterday that  this effort is being conducted to react appropriately to the urgent wish of citizens to obtain identification numbers and cards.

Expressing its recognition of the importance that the public attaches to national identification so as to obtain services in the government and in the private sector, the statement said that local governments will henceforth be facilitated to conduct the registration process.

The statement reiterated that services that can only obtain with a national registration number includes a passport, opening a commercial entity, obtaining a tax identification number, land occupancy certificate, registering a simcard, getting a public service job, opening an account and obtaining loans from financial institutions and the Higher Education Student Loans Board (HESLB).

“Therefore the need to use the national identification card to obtain these essential economic and social services  has caused local residents and resident visitors to show up at NIDA offices in large numbers to be registered and be recognized so as to obtain national identification papers.

“For people to show up in large numbers for registration at NIDA offices to obtain identification numbers or cards is a patriotic act and confirms that they have grasped the importance and use of national identity numbers and national identity cards,” the statement noted, vowing that NIDA has primed itself to render the services so as to obtain identity papers and furnish them in concerned institutions when the need arises.

“This is vital to enhancing productivity in the economy as a whole and in personal economic endeavors,” it said, outlining solutions proposed to stem the flow of large numbers of people to NIDA offices to seek identification papers.

Issuing of national identification numbers to urban and rural local government authorities so that people don’t have to take the trouble to displace themselves over large distances to seek registration in NIDA offices at district level.