Norway hails Magufuli stance on oil and gas issues

02Jul 2017
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Norway hails Magufuli stance on oil and gas issues

THE Norwegian government has hailed the fifth phase government for its efforts to improve the oil and gas industry in the country.

Norway Foreign Minister Borge Brende observed that the current government implemented oil and gas policies by action and deserved accolades for that.

Brende was speaking when winding up a workshop organized by a petroleum exploration and extraction company, Statoil, in Dar es Salam on Friday evening.

He stressed that the Norwegian government will continue to support Tanzania in technical, business and other important areas to ensure that the sector developed to its full potential.

“The country can achieve tremendous economic growth and improve social services through oil and gas as was the case with Norway, which started investing in the sector in the 1970s,” he noted.

Minister for Industry, Trade and Investment Charles Mwijage said at the same event that the government had sought the assistance of Norway to sponsor a project to convert gas for domestic use at a cost of 30 billion US dollars.Mwijage said the government was aware of the importance of the project, noting that once completed it would bolster the country’s economy and advance the country’s industrial agenda.

"Norway and Tanzania have been enjoying cordial relations for many years and in the oil and gas sector, Statoil, a company originating from Norway, has been deeply involved in the sector," the minister said. 

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