NSSF: Employers must avoid corrupt practices

06Jan 2021
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
NSSF: Employers must avoid corrupt practices

​​​​​​​EMPLOYERS who collude with some unfaithful employees of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) to sabotage the fund by facilitating the non-remittance of members’ contributions should know that their days are numbered, an NSSF official declared yesterday.

Lulu Mengele.

Lulu Mengele, the NSSF public relations manager also tasked with education to members, issued this caution yesterday in a press conference, saying that the fund was working to stamp out tendencies of corruption.

“NSSF will not tolerate corrupt practices,” she said, insisting that members and stakeholders noticing signs of corruption when accessing NSSF services should not hesitate to communicate with the management.

Direct communication with the public relations office, the Director of Operations or the Director General will be appreciated, as well as reporting such instance to law enforcement authorities, she stated.

There are employers colluding with unfaithful employees to engage in corruption, “something that cannot be tolerated, and NSSF will ensure that this is brought to an end,” she further noted.

NSSF continues to address loopholes for corruption, she said, pointing out that recently at the NSSF Mwanza regional office the management received information from reliable sources that there is an employee soliciting bribes from an employer. Read More...epaper.ippmedia.com

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