NSSF goes digital to improve communication systems

08Mar 2019
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NSSF goes digital to improve communication systems

NATIONAL Social Security Fund (NSSF) has upgraded its communication systems whereas members’ information are received and shared digitally.

NATIONAL Social Security Fund (NSSF)

The fund’s Education and Public Relations Manager Lulu Mengele told journalists in Dar es Salaam yesterday that the changes are meant to ensure timely sharing of crucial information with its members through an improved digital communication system.

“With the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) our members will get all the crucial information regarding their contribution. Retirees will also be able to send inquiries that will be responded electronically”, she said.

Mengele explained that the digital communication system is meant to ease communication between NSSF, stakeholders and members. It will facilitate smooth communication and timely response of member’s concerns.

She NSSF members will be required to dial a toll-free number from 8:30am to 4:30pm during working days (Monday – Friday) where they will be attended by NSSF service providers.

She said the service providers will be on standby to assist in solving members’ problems as well as educating them on various issues related to social security.


“We will continue to improve our services including our communication system to ensure that our members get relevant information on time”,


Tanzania has restructured pension funds from five namely NSSF, GPF, LAPF, PPF and PSPF to two – NSSF and Public Sector Social Security Fund.


The government has also come up with new regulations for pensioners whereby those under NSSF receive 25 per cent in lump sum, while the remaining 75 per cent is set for monthly packages.