Nyerere National Park to feature in this year’s SiTE

22Feb 2021
Beatrice Philemon
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Nyerere National Park to feature in this year’s SiTE

​​​​​​​NYERERE National Park is expected to feature in this year’s Swahili International Tourism EXPO (SiTE) as new Tanzania’s tourism products so as to attract participants of the expo to visit there and begin to market it in their respective countries.

TTB’s Managing Director, Devota Mdachi.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam yesterday, TTB’s Managing Director, Devota Mdachi said that this year’s SiTE, will take place at Mlimani City Conference Centre from October 8 to 10, and expected to bring more tour operators and travel agents from across the world.

“We want to showcase Nyerere National Park as new tourism product because is not well-known for local and international visitors for what it endowed with and the park is best for tourism photos,” she said.

She said the event is also expected to have unique features including domestic tourism that will showcase Tanzanian tourism potentials, cultural tourism in-terms of traditional dances from different tribes as well as educate visitors and exhibitors on the importance of game reserve conservation.

“The event will also provide an opportunity for local tour operators with small capital to meet with international tour operators, travel agents, journalists, businessmen from Tanzania and neighbouring countries with aim to establish tourism business,” she said.

She called on Tanzanian tour operators, travel agents to participate in this event to market what they offer and share experience with their counterparts on how to market tourism and how they can access more tourism from abroad.

“We encourage Tanzanian tour operators to use this event because in 2020 they didn’t get a chance to visit in abroad to market what they offer in tourism sector due to COVID-19 pandemic and the international tour operators they didn’t get a chance to visit Tanzania due to COVID-19 and there was no flight from their respective countries,” she said.

Mdachi said TTB has launched a website for participants willing to participate dubbed: www.site,tanzania tourism.go.tz, and the registration is now open for all.

She said airline and travel agents, tour operators, Safari and Mountain lodges, Hotels and Resorts, Eco-Tourism Lodge and Camps, Online Travel Portals, Hotel Reservations Network, Theme and Amusement parks, Travel Insurance services, Financial and Education Institutions, Professional conferences, Organisers and event organisers are invited to participate in this event to educate visitors on what they offer and promote Tanzanian tourism potentials they have.

“During the event Tanzania travel agents and tour operators will get an opportunity to meet with International tour and travel agents, Tourism professionals from across the world to promote what they offer in tourism sector, learn from their counterparts on how they market Tourism potentials in their respective countries as well as share experience on various issues relating to tourism sector,” she added.

Domestic marketing Manager, Joseph Sendwa added that TTB will showcase domestic tourism as a unique tourism product because right now the number of local communities who are visiting in “our tourists attractions have begun to rise dramatically,” he said.

Furthermore, the event will provide an opportunity for small entrepreneurs engaged in the tourism sector to showcase their cultural products in- terms of handicrafts products, clothing, Tanzanian food and other issues relating to tourism activities.

He said in 2019 a total of 170 exhibitor companies engaged in the tourism sector and 333 international tour operators attended the event, while in 2018, a total of 152 companies and 300 international tour operators attended the event.

According to him, SITE 2020, hosted 200 exhibitors and over 300 hosted buyers from more than 57 countries and this year again the EXPO’s will attract more exhibitors and visitors from different countries across the world.

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