Nzega MP wants government to give priority to local contractors

26Apr 2018
Getrude Mbago
The Guardian
Nzega MP wants government to give priority to local contractors

NZEGA Member of Parliament (MP) Hussein Bashe has urged the government to submit to the National Assembly recommendations to review the Roads Act to enable local contractors be given priority in various projects.

NZEGA Member of Parliament (MP) Hussein Bashe

According to him, he present Act favours foreigner contractors as opposed to local contractors.

Bashe made the remarks in Parliament yesterday while contributing to the Works, Transport and Communications Ministry budget estimates.

“The current law doesn’t give priority to our locals, so I’m pushing for the review to enable most of the projects funds to remain in the country as long as they will be implemented by local contractors,” He said

The MP also raised concern over the lack of priority in improving rural roads especially in his constituency.

The MP argued that most of the roads in his constituency were in devastating states and the government had shown no commitments in improving them.

He called on the government to set aside enough funds to enable completion of the 149km road from Tabora- Mwambali – Bukene- Itogo to Kahama.

In order for the country to economically benefit more, Bashe ecommended that the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) route start from Dar es Salaam- Tabora to Mwanza and then Tabora - Kigoma, Uvinza- Msongati and Kaliwa- Mpanda Kalemii instead of the current route which he said had left some areas which were listed in the ruling Party election priorities.

For his part, Rombo MP Joseph Selasini urged that in all development projects, experts’ instructions should be respected to ensure that all the funds that are being directed are well used.

Meanwhile, CCM Special Seat MP Munde Tambwe has asked the government to compensate residents of Tabora region who were relocated from their homes to pave way for road projects implementation.

She also called upon the government to tarmac Ndala-Ziba road make easy economic activities in the region.

Kinondoni MP (CCM) Maulid Mtulia on the other hand stressed the need for the government to allocate enough funds for the renovations of roads in the constituency as most of them were in a devastating state.

Chadema Special Seat MP Lucy Owenye called for improvements of Moshi airport saying that the it was vital in connecting tourists to various attractions available in Kilimanjaro region.

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