Nzunda counsels health experts to adhere to professional ethics

03Dec 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Nzunda counsels health experts to adhere to professional ethics

PERMANENT Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, responsible for Policy, Coordination, Parliamentary Affairs, Labour, Employment, Youth and People with Disability, Tixon Nzunda has challenged health experts to adhere professionalism ethics when conducting impairment assessment of occupational acc

ixon Nzunda.

Nzunda made the statement in Mbeya Region yesterday when opening a five days training on   impairment assessment of occupational accident and diseases to over 100 doctors and health care workers from Katavi, Rukwa, Songwe, Mbeya, Ruvuma, Njombe and Iringa regions.

“You must ensure professionalism and work in accordance with your ethics when executing your duties,” he said.

The PS said any slight error made during the assessment exercise would affect people's lives as well as the country's economy.

Nzunda said the government's aim to establish the Workers Compensation Fund (WCF) was geared at ensuring that all employees getting injured in the course of their work are compensated accordingly.

WCF Director General, Dr John Mduma said the fund relay on assessments conducted by doctors and health workers to fairly compensate injured employees.

“We insist on professionalism because we want efficiency and fast results; we rely on health care workers scattered across the country to conduct our assessments as we don’t have our own doctors,” stated the DG, noting the fund has been recording better performance due to professionalism and regular capacity building training to its staff and health experts .

“There are guidelines for health experts to ensure their assessment reports are reliable and trusted. We use the guidelines to ensure consistency even when assessment is conducted by different experts,” he added.

Dr Mzima thanked the Prime Minister's Office and the government for working closely with the fund and make sure it continues to provide services to Tanzanians.

WCF was established under the Workers’ Compensation Act No 20 of 2008 which requires companies to register and pay employee contributions.

The Act applies to employees from both the private and government sector. It provides compensation for employees injured or incapacitated in the workplace.

WCF provides various types of compensation including medical treatment to injured workers, maintenance services and counseling to injured personnel with permanent disabilities. The fund also pays a certain amount of money to a person who is taking care of an injured worker upon approval from doctors.

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