Observe ethics in projects execution,DC Chonjo advises ward councillor

22May 2020
Michael Sikapundwa
The Guardian
Observe ethics in projects execution,DC Chonjo advises ward councillor

​​​​​​​MOROGORO District Commissioner, Regina Chonjo has called on ward councillors in the municipality to observe ethical rules when implementing their duties and avoid entertaining conflicts of interest in development projects.

​​​​​​​MOROGORO District Commissioner, Regina Chonjo.

The DC said: “There were some ward councillors who have been reported having conflicts of interest in development projects something which raise disputes and thus derails implementation of the projects.”

DC Chonjo made the remarks here when opening a five-day seminar to 20 ward councillors and heads of departments of the municipal which aimed to remind the officials on ethical conduct.

She wanted the councillors to live up to their oaths, adhere ethical rules as described in the  leadership code of ethics Act no 13 of 1995 which requires officials to avoid conflicts of interest, corruption, sexuality and alcoholism.

“I believe after the end of this seminar, councillors will go out having something good in their minds, they will all take an oath vowing to work hard and ethically and stern measures will be taken against whoever fails to implement,” she added.

DC Chonjo wanted the councillors to go back to their areas of work and show people what they have done for the five years of the fifth phase government.

For his part, Zonal Ethics official from Ethics Secretariat (ES), Selemani Shabani said that councillors will have to declare their assets as it was for ministers and other public officials a move aimed to battle conflicts of interest and corruption especially in the implementation of development projects where most officials use it as an opportunity to pocket government's funds.

Amir Nondo, a ward councillor from Boma applauded the DC's decision for inviting ethics officials to grill and remind councillors on public leadership code.