One-and-half months remains for all customers who paid to be connected

19Feb 2021
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One-and-half months remains for all customers who paid to be connected
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​​​​​​​ENERGY Minister Dr Medard Kalemani has cautioned TANESCO officials that they have only one and half months remaining for them to make sure to connect power to all customers in the country who paid for the service.

Dr Kalemani gave the caution here on Wednesday this week during his inspection visit of electricity infrastructures in Chato district, Geita Region that included lighting power at Mwamatome and Mkombozi areas in the district.

“I gave you a three-month period to connect electricity to all customers countrywide who had paid for the service and already we are half-way into the period hence you are called upon to connect power to them, said Dr Kalemani.

In regard to customers who are waiting for their premises to be surveyed for power connection, he said he had already issued instructions for the surveyors to be provided with motor cycles to enable them finish survey work and that by the end of February they should already have motor cycles.

On rural electrification drive, he said so far a total of 10,263 villages have been connected to electricity while 2,005 villages were yet to be connected to power.

Speaking to residents of Mwamatome and Mkombozi areas, the minister stressed on the use of “Umeme Tayari’ (UMETA) gadgets that enable villagers to get power without incurring wiring costs in their homes.

He also stressed that power connection cost into homes should be only 27,000/- and that every home is entitled to get power.

Chato district Commissioner Charles Kabeho said lighting up power in Mwamatome and Mkombozi areas in the district will enable residents to engage in various businesses including establishment of small factories.

December last year, Dr Kalemani said REA contractors have been dispatched across the country to start executing power projects which see all the villages countrywide connected to the main grid.

He said the move is geared to stimulate income generating activities and to reduce poverty levels amongst the rural communities

“We will make sure all the remaining 2,270 villages are connected to the main grid by December 2022,” said the minister.

Inaugurating the 12th Parliament in the country’s capital in November last year, President John Magufuli boasted to have facilitated power connection to some 9, 570 villages in the past five years, saying only 2,018 out of 12,228 total villages had access to electricity when he took over the presidency.

However, the number of customers connected to the main grid has reached over 2.766 million, up from 1.473 million, an increase of 1.293 million new connections.

The president noted that various efforts are ongoing to ensure enough power generation for improved electricity services to facilitate the establishment of the industries across the country.

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