One killed as bus falls into ditch in Kahama

20Jan 2021
The Guardian
One killed as bus falls into ditch in Kahama

​​​​​​​One person was killed after a bus overturned and fell into a ditch in Kahama District on Monday.

This Kisbo Safari bus, which was on its way from Kahama to Dar es Salaam yesterday, overturned near Isaka as the driver moved to spare the life of an old woman who was crossing the road. Photo: Correspondent Shaban Njia

14 others cheated death. The accident occurred early morning on Monday at Nyasumbi Msikitini area in Kahama township.

The bus belonging to Kisbo Safaris was travelling from Kahama in Shinyanga Region to Dar es Salaam

Speaking at the accident scene, one eye witness Elias, Jeremiah said the cause of the accident was an old woman who was standing in the middle of the road and while the bus driver  tried to avoid her it fell into a ditch.

Another eye witness Hamisi Mussa, one of the workers of the bus firm said the driver was trying to avoid   knocking down the old woman only to fall  into the ditch, adding that there were no other injuries.

For his part, the bus driver, Raraja Abdullah said:

“The bus was carrying 44 passengers when we departed from Kahama main bus stand, but on reaching Nyasumbi Msikitini a woman appeared right in the middle of the road, and I tried my level best to avoid knocking her as ma result the bus fell into a ditch. There were no injuries among the passengers,” he said.

The police have confirmed the accident saying  the source was a woman who was in the middle of the road as a result thebus veered off the road and fell into a ditch. Read More...

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