Online database to level the job field for women scholars

16Jul 2019
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Online database to level the job field for women scholars

The MINISTRY of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children is preparing a database of Tanzanian women scholars, including those living abroad, to be uploaded online, to enhance their visibility and employability.

TGNP Mtandao Executive Director Lilian Liundi.

A statement released by the ministry yesterday said the catalog, being prepared by the Department of Community Development in collaboration with TGNP Mtandao, also seeks to see more qualified women being appointed in various public office positions.

Speaking during the preview of the system in Morogoro yesterday, Principal Community Development Officer Sylvia Siriwa said there was need for a comprehensive list of Tanzanian women with talents, creativity and expertise in various disciplines.

“This information will include who they are, their resumes as well as where they are, to connect them with various opportunities, including government appointments,” Siriwa said.

The system will help employers within and outside the country access the Curriculum Vitae of Tanzania’s well educated and exceptionally talented women online, she stated.

This will solve the current challenge faced by employers who are interested in female talents but have nowhere to go to for biodata and other key information sought before engagement.

TGNP Mtandao Executive Director Lilian Liundi said that after the portal is published, stakeholders will be able to use it as a reference point by advising and challenging employers and decision-makers.

As of now, the number of men far outweigh that of women even in major private companies but it is unfair to criticize their executives because they have a convenient excuse: where to get qualified women.

“Once the database is on, there will be no such excuses anymore and the number of women in boardrooms will definitely increase,” she said.

After the publication of the database, the organization and the ministry will analyse the composition of boards in both the private sector and public firms with a view to pointing out imbalances for improvement.

As for high-profile appointments, names and qualifications of women will be presented to appointing authorities in advance for consideration to avoid the lack of information excuse, Liundi said.

The database follows an appeal by the minister, Ummy Mwalimu for such a system to be created, during national activities to mark the International Women's Day in 2017.

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