Only 7 pc of Tanzanians drink coffee – says TCB

22Oct 2021
The Guardian
Only 7 pc of Tanzanians drink coffee – says TCB

ONLY seven per cent of Tanzanians drink coffee while 93 per cent of coffee produced in Tanzania is exported.

Coffee quality control officer from Tanzania Coffee Board (TCB), Florian Ndungulu told this paper here on Tuesday that the board’s target is to ensure that by 2025 twenty per cent of Tanzanians will be coffee drinkers.

He added that the quality of the coffee produced in the country has been shown to be going up, the situation that would help to boost incomes of coffee farmers, despite the small percentage of drinkers in the country.

Ndugulu added that in this year’s farming season coffee quality has been enhanced compared to the last two seasons.

“Coffee is among beverages used by many people worldwide, hence the increase of its quality is the outcome of farmers’ concerted efforts in adhering to better production practices that entails the use of modern agricultural technologies that aim to enhance its profitability, despite the small number of coffee drinkers in the country,” Ndungulu said.

For his part, TCB manager Sijali Bowa said cooperative unions that supervise coffee farmers have big opportunity to buy the crop for processing.

He added that through cooperatives, farmers can benefit because many coffee buying firms will come forward  to buy the commodity at good prices due the processing quality.

Stakeholders who contribute to the value chain in the coffee sector said there was still a challenge in producing better quality coffee.

Among them, Samora Mayaonga from Café Africa Organisation said joint efforts are needed to assist farmers   produce the crop profitably including enhancing of its quality to satisfy competitive markets.

Mbeya Regional Commissioner Juma Homera said the government values coffee as the country’s major crop continues to grow because of the availability of better quality seeds to the market.