Organisations donate 15 laptops to seventeen students with albinism

08Nov 2018
Crispin Gerald
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Organisations donate 15 laptops to seventeen students with albinism

Under the Same Sun (UTSS) in collaboration with Women Inter Church council of Canada and Open Bible Chapel Society has donated 15 laptops to 17 students with albinism to assist them in their education.

Speaking at the handing over event in Dar es Salaam UTSS executive director, Berthasia Ladislaus said the initiative is part of the organisation’s strategy to empower the students to have better academic performance.  

She said in the first phase the organisation provided a total of 15 laptops, thus making a total of 32 laptops worth 45m/-.

She added the students also received three-day training on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to ensure they make proper use of the laptops. The ICT training included basic MS office skills and IT essential skills to help them be competent to use the laptops.

“Apart from the ICT training, the students were also educated more about albinism in order to let the society know about what causes albinism. We wanted them to understand that people with albinism are like any other human beings and they contribute to the country development,” she said.

“We want students with albinism to have self confidence in the society through education they have received and make sure they understand their capabilities,” she added.    

Ladislaus explained that the organisation is also working to assist students to overcome the challenge of unemployment after school.

We call upon employers to abide by the law that requires them to include people with disabilities including those with albinism in their jobs recruitment.

Louis Kameta head of Information Technology unit at UTSS said the three day training focused on supporting students’ in their learning processes for better academic performance.

The training covers several topics including the digital security to enable them be safe in the social network by comply with government laws.    

According to her the programme equips them to have understanding on the basic Microsoft office application skills for them to be competent in preparing their assignments and presentations.





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