Over 15,000 Kwimba residents to benefit from old water project

10Dec 2019
The Guardian
Over 15,000 Kwimba residents to benefit from old water project

ABOUT 15,000 people will benefit from water project which its construction nears completion.

Speaking during his inspection tour on work of water projects in Shilima, Mhande, and Izizimba A villages in Kwimba District, Mwanza Region the Deputy Minister for Water Juma Aweso said the one area that upsets the ministry is the slow work on the projects.

He said the biggest challenge is in the operation and supervision hence he called on all leaders to be accountable to the wananchi by working hard as the wananchi wanted tap water and not words.

"What pains is the unused money in the account since September that remains idle and I don’t know why. And your response is the delay in the procurement procedures while the wananchi continue to suffer,” Aweso said.

He said the aim of the government is to remove water buckets off the heads of women, adding: “We have kicked out contractors, and we shall continue to kick out others from all water projects that dilly dally and remain with those who do actual work.”

Aweso also presented report of the water situation of Ag Rural Water Supply and sanitation Authority Manager for Kwimba District Eng Boaz Pius saying the project started in October 2013 and was to be completed in six months but did not after the contractor failed to abide by the terms of the contract, thereafter the council suspended the contract in May 2019.

He added that currently the work on the infrastructure is being undertaken by Mwanza urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (MWAUWASA.

He said the district is faced with various challenges in the water service, including aged infrastructure that necessitates water loss, climate change especially in the dry season, some people claiming compensation in project areas thereby causing unnecessary delays as well as delay in paying the contractors.

The Kwimba District Commissioner Senyi Ngaga and the Kwimba Constituency Member of Parliament (MP) Sharif Mansoor said the wananchi are faced with water supply challenges due to drought hence supplying them with water will reduce damage to the infrastructure.

They said the huge water projects for Mhande and Izizimba A villages got stuck following the removal of the contractor as well as the delay in the supply of pipes at project site.

Meanwhile, one of the residents Juliana John told reporters that they hail the government for remembering them in solving their water woes they were experiencing for a very long time hence the completion of the project will be a great relief to them.

According to 2012 National Census statistics Kwimba district had a population of 406,509 with the increase per year of 1.9 percent, and up to June this year the district’s population it is estimated to be 515,352.

The district’s water supply situation up to October this year shows that 284,240 or 55.2 percent of the population get water.

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