Over 30,000 children set for vaccination in Nachingwea

04Oct 2019
Sabato Kasika
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Over 30,000 children set for vaccination in Nachingwea

AT least 37,120 children are expected to receive measles, rubella and polio vaccines in Nachingwea District, Lindi Region during the five-day vaccination campaign set to start next week.

Nachingwea District Chief Medical Officer, Dr Joseph Mtabho said yesterday at a special meeting to introduce members of the campaign to the district commissioner, Rukia Muwango.

"This campaign will take place over five days from October 15 to 19 this year and we expect 22,957 children aged five to 59 months to receive measles-rubella vaccines," Dr. Matabho said.

Dr. Mtabho pointed out that the other 14,168 children aged 18 to 42 months, are expected to be vaccinated from polio, noting that parents should not be worried as the vaccination has no side effects.

"There are minor side effects, which have no serious effects and last for 24 hours and if they continue, the person will report to the health center for further medical assistance," he said.

Speaking at the meeting after being welcomed, DC Muwango called on members of the committees to encourage citizens to send children to vaccination centers.

"The Ministry of Health, Social Development, Gender, Elderly and Children in collaboration with development partners, has organized a national campaign, so citizens should be well informed by the vaccination," said Kiwango.

The campaign, he said, is aimed at providing measles-rubella vaccines for children aged nine to 59 months and for polio for all children between one and a half to five years old.

The vaccine, he said, prevents and fights vaccine-preventable diseases, and that vaccination to children is a common procedure even if they have received, they should be sent back to the service centers.

"So all the religious leaders, despite their beliefs, customs and practices, but this vaccine is not based on faith, the vaccine is safe, the experts have sufficient expertise in distributing the vaccine," he said.

The district commissioner also called on members from the health committees to encourage citizens to join the upgraded Community Health Insurance Fund (CHF), as the service for six people requires only 30,000 and can be serviced at any center within the region.