Parakuyo students fail to join Form One

13Jan 2020
Gerald Kitabu
The Guardian
Parakuyo students fail to join Form One

DESPITE the government’s directive that require all selected students to join the school on time, Parakuyo secondary school administration in Kilosa, Morogoro region has said only eleven students out of 119 selected to join Form One at the school have reported.

Speaking to the Guardian over the weekend, the  second master of the school which was established in 2007 said  it serves among other communities, the pastoralists.   Bahati Ramadhani has appealed to the parents and guardians whose children have been selected to join the school to do so before it is too late.

He said that it is discouraging to see that the 5th phase government of President John Magufuli uses a lot of resources to provide  free primary and secondary education but there are still some parents and guardians who refuse to honour the opportunity by refusing to take their children to school.

“We as teachers we can attest that the students from pastoralists communities are very intelligent when at school but the problem is that many of them have low awareness and they are affected by traditional norms and customs,” he said.

Commenting on academic performance, the second mater said that the school teachers have improved the performance. Citing an example he said in 2018, 46 students sat for the National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) where 82 per cent of the students passed their examination. In 2019, 48 students who sat for the National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA), 26 passed their examination which is equivalent to 54 per cent.

However, despite the academic achievements, the second Master said that the school faced many challenges. Forexample, the school has shortage of teachers and non teacher staff.

“The school has shortage of science teachers specifically there is no physics teachers. The school has no other non teachers staff such as security guards and cook ,” he explained.

He also equated the government to building the school fence saying absence of the fence is causing some Maasai Moran warriors sneak in the girls dormitory for the purpose of doing sex. Also absence of the fence has attracted cattle to roam around in the school compound especially during school hours and in the dormitories in search for food remains.   

“We have also the problem of shortage of water. We have no water well. So, when the tape water gone dry, we can stay up to one week without water. So, when this happen, teachers usually take the students to the nearby rivers to wash their bodies,” he said.

He further explained that the school has shortage of school classrooms and toilets. The toilets are full and always flooded with filth materials such as faeces.  

“The school girls suffer a lot during menstruation circles because they have nowhere to dispose their pads, he added.          

The school head girl Betha Kinyala and Steto Oloishuro admitted that the students are learning in a very difficult condition, requesting the government to renovate the school and ensure adequate teachers, learning and teaching facilities.

Contacted for comments, Morogoro regional Commissioner Loata Sanare directed all the parents to make sure that they take their children to school or else face stern measures.

He also directed the village and ward executive officers to get the names of the students who have not reported to school and ensure that they report. 

“I thank for this information. I am planning to visit the school on 16th of this month. I direct all parents to take their children to school or face the arm of law,” he said.   

He instructed the Morogoro regional Education officer and Morogoro regional Medical Officer to make sure that they also visit the school to assess the magnitude of the problems facing students and see how they could help to address them.   

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