Parents urged to exercise caution during Eid festivities

04Jul 2016
David Kisanga
The Guardian
Parents urged to exercise caution during Eid festivities

TANZANIA Media Women Association (Tamwa) in the Isles has urged parents to take exercise vigilance as their children celebrate Eid festival in different playgrounds.

Eid marks the end fasting for the Holy month of Ramadan and traditionally it’s a time for children, parents and families to get together for celebration.

A statement released by Tamwa yesterday noted that there are several accounts of heightened number of sexual abuse, rapes taking place during four days of Eid festival which had been reported at Mnazi Mmoja hospital and One Stop Centre.

According to Tamwa, there are 119 cases of abuse reported last year during the Eid celebration. Farashuu Khalfan, an officer in charge at Mnazi Mmoja hospital called parents to be careful with their children especially during the Eid festival whereas children suffer sexual abuse, including rape.

She asserted that the prevalence of such attacks continues to be a trend that has become associated with Eid al-Fitr celebrations in recent years.

Farashuu has notified that at least 95 per cent of children have been affected by cases related to sexual abuse arguing parents not to let children to go alone in those play grounds.

“Don’t let your children go alone to celebrate Eid festival, parents must go together with their children”,Farashuu said. She noted that risk areas that parents must not allow their children to alone as play grounds where children frequently go and celebrate.

Eid el Fitri is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting.

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