Parliamentary committee concerns about difficult business environment

05Feb 2019
Felister Peter
The Guardian
Parliamentary committee concerns about difficult business environment

 THE Parliamentary Committee on Industry, Trade and Environment has raised concerns over difficult business environment including tax laws which have resulted into to closure of businesses.

Godbless Lema

“Unfriendly business environment had affected a number of businesses in the country. We are implementing tax policies and laws that have been copied from developed countries, these laws do not suit our environment”, said Suleiman Saddiq, chairman of the committee.

He was presenting in the August House the report of the committee activities for the period of between January 2018 and January 2019.

Explaining, he said the difficult business environment has contributed into closure of businesses across the country, the matter that doesn’t depict a good image for interested potential investors.

“We recommend a review of the tax laws and policies, we should come up with the laws that suit  our environment”, he said noting that the move will promote investments and protect final consumers.

According to the committee, the presence of fake and cheap imported goods affect businesses. He called for concerted efforts to protect the country boundaries and to take stringent measures against unfaithful government executives at the borders.

Saddiq urged that the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) and Tanzania Foods and Drugs Authority (TFDA) be empowered financially to be able to properly execute their duties.

He however noted that the government has promised to improve the country’s business environment through preparation of the ‘blueprint for regulatory reforms to improve the business environment’.

He advised the government to immediately start implementing the plan within a specific time frame to see whether it will provide solutions to the challenges facing the business community.

On industries, the committee advised the government to empower the Small Industries Development Organization (SIDO) to be able to provide business education to entrepreneurs as well as help them with market information.

He said developing SIDO would boost the economy and increase the number of local investors.

Contributing, Arusha Urban legislator, Godbless Lema (Chadema) said a total of 650 businesses had so far been closed in Arusha. He said that some investors are now moving their businesses to neighbouring countries.

He advised the government to review the Arusha based tires making factory—General Tire as the demand for the products growing daily. Currently Tanzania imports tires from China, Japan, Taiwan and German, he said.

Simanjiro MP, James Ole Millya (CCM) urged for the government to come with   better system that will help to improve businesses environment in the country.