PCCB Dodoma region saves a total of 79,419,953/-in unlawful payments

02Jul 2019
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
PCCB Dodoma region saves a total of 79,419,953/-in unlawful payments

THE Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) in Dodoma region has managed to save a total of 79,419, 953/- in unlawful payments and is investigating payments of 1,409,900,000/-, it has been learnt.

Dodoma regional PCCB head, Sosthenes Kibwengo told a press conference here that his office in its investigations realized that there was un-procedural payments of money in the water project at Kelema village in Chemba district.

He said after interrogations, the contractor, Juin Company Limited agreed to rectify the underperformances as from 1st July, 2019, replacing the sub-standard water pipes and refunds the overpaid amounts.

“ Through PCCB investigations, a total of 67,542,600/- had been saved and the public will get water services in the 222,978,680/- project that was to be completed in 2015,” he said.

In another development, he said PCCB is holding one, Gaston Meltus Francis, the director of Global Space East Africa Limited who was awarded tender for the construction of Mima health centre in Mpwapwa district for irregular payments of 86,405,205/-.

The PCCB noted that the project was not undertaken in accordance with the contract and the anti-corruption body finalizing investigations into the matter.

Elsewhere, the regional anti-graft organ managed to intercept and returned to the government a total of 11,877,353/- that was paid against to a deceased teacher as salaries, contrary to the law.

According to Kibwengo, the regional PCCB office investigated some 343 projects worth 342,545,418,116/- whereby it was revealed that 95.4 per cent was rightfully implemented and value for money met.

However, he noted that his office also noted that there were elements of corruption in four projects and had launched investigations on payments totalling to 1,409,900,000/-. He said, “The projects under investigations are in the construction of infrastructures in health, education and agriculture”.

He added that PCCB also scrutinized different payment methods and realized elements of corruption, adding that the involved sectors were in health, construction and land.

The regional PCC boss explained that land sector was leading others in cases of corruption whereby in the third and last quarters of the year, his office received a total of 135 complaints and 36 of them were on land.

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