PCCB holds three TRA officials for soliciting and receiving bribe

13Jun 2020
The Guardian
PCCB holds three TRA officials for soliciting and receiving bribe

​​​​​​​THE Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) in Manyara region is holding three Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) officials for soliciting and receiving 1m/- bribe.

PCCB head for Manyara region Holle Makungu.

A press statement issued by PCCB head for Manyara region Holle Makungu said those arrested were Eva Joseph Mtandika, Jackline Leonard Manjira and Ephrahim John Medard.

Makungu said the trio solicited and received the     money from a trader, who decline to mention him so that they would not increase tax assessment for his business.

He said PCCB discovered the businessman was assessed to pay 250,000 tax per year by a TRA officer who did not solicit any money from him and added that he businessman asked to pay the tax in installments and by June this year and had paid his first installment as assessed.

He was later followed by the suspects who told him that he had been under-assessed and that his business called for the use the electronic fiscal devices (EFD) hence he had committed an offence.

Makungu said after that the three TRA officials directed him to go to the Babati TRA office for further steps.

"When he went to the TRA office he was told that he had been under assessed as he was supposed to pay 450,000/- per year as well as 3m/- fine,” Makungu said.

The trader told them that he was unable to pay that entire amount in consideration of the business he conducts.

"After saying that one of the TRA officials, Jackline Manjira told him in that they can remove the fine if he gave them 1m/-,” said Makungu, PCCB head for Manyara region.

He said thereafter the businessman reported the issue to the PCCB office and a trap was set that saw the arrest of the trio.

Makungu said further investigations showed that after the suspects were given the money, Jackline Manjira and Eva Mtandika wrote in the businessman’s tax file that he had been exempted from paying additional tax through EFD machines until year 20121. The  three will appear in court soon after investigations were complete.

On May 26 this year PCCB arrested two TRA officials for soliciting and receiving 10m/- bribe from   Mbulu businessman.