PCCB in Mbeya rescues over 160m/- stolen public funds

28Jan 2020
The Guardian
PCCB in Mbeya rescues over 160m/- stolen public funds

THE Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) in Mbeya Region has rescued more than 168m/- of public funds that had been embezzled by officials in the period of three months – October to December last year.

Speaking here to reporters in his office at the weekend, Mbeya Region PCCB Director Julieth Matechi said the money had been misused by village functionaries as well as those in the Agricultural Marketing Cooperatives(Amcos).

She said initially they discovered the misappropriation of more than 100m/- by village and ward officials in Mbeya city council, Kyela and Mbeya District councils who were given the task of collecting government’s levies using ‘Point of Sale’ (Pos) machines.

She said PCCB in collaboration with council officials managed to rescue 87.7m/- that was returned to the officials.

Matechi said Mbeya District Council was leading in the embezzlement scam having embezzled 44.3m/-, followed by Kyela District Council (29.2m/-) and Mbeya City Council (14.1m-).

“These officials were collecting levies in their areas but were not remitting the money to the Council as the procedure demands, now some have remitted the monies while others have not, we are still following them up,” she said.

She said notwithstanding returning the money, the PCCB is still continuing with investigation as there are possibilities for court action.

She said in Chunya District, PCCB made a follow up and rescued more than 10m/- for two Amcos – Lualaje and Muungano.

She said in Kyela District PCCB rescued over 31,6m/- for four Amcos of Ipinda, Makwale, Fubu and Bateko and added that in Mbarali District it rescued 9.02m/- for four Amcos of Chimala, Mkungwa, Muungano and Uwarasu.

She said during the same period of three months PCCB received 140 reports on bribery from various institutions, both in public and private sectors.

She said out of those reports, 48 concerned District Councils and 21 involved private businessmen.

She mentioned others as state corporations (12 reports), education department (11), Judiciary (10), Lands (six) and Health (two).

Other institutions she mentioned were political parties, Department of Natural Resources, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Minerals each having one report on bribery incidents.

Matechi said in the same period five criminal cases were opened by the PCCB in courts and judgments given thereof whereas PCCB won in four of them.

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