PCCB recovers 955m/- from AMCOS leaders in Lindi

06Dec 2019
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
PCCB recovers 955m/- from AMCOS leaders in Lindi

THE Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) has recovered 955m/- out of the 1.2bn/- swindled by leaders of various Agricultural Marketing Co-operative Societies (AMCOS) leaders in Lindi region, the anti-corruption watchdog said yesterday.

Brigadier General, John Mbungo

Speaking during the authorities annual general meeting here, PCCB’s acting director, Brigadier General, John Mbungo said the remaining amount will be recovered by the end of today, noting that the involved people confirmed that.

He said, the amount of money was covered from some 31 cooperative societies contrary to the earlier known 10 AMCOS that were on the limelight for causing loss of 423 million to farmers in Ruangwa District, Lindi Region.

He said the operation followed President John Magufuli’s directive while in a tour in the district after farmers complained that leaders of the cooperative societies swindled their money.

“After serious investigations, we realised that there were 30 and not ten cooperatives societies involved in the saga” he said, adding, “By the end of tomorrow, all the remaining amount shall have been paid”.

He said the two days meeting that brought together district, regional and national PCCB officials will among other things be used to share challenges facing them. It will also be for a reflection on the just concluded civic polls and preparations for the coming general elections.

Speaking while officiating at the opening of the meeting, minister of State in the President’s Office, Good Governance, George Mkuchika said that PCCB should prepare adequately on how to handle corruption activities in the coming general elections.

“Corruption cases are in almost every election but the general elections have bigger cases, I hereby urge you to be very prepared to deal with them,” he said.

The minister said election bribery is not only on votes but the aftermath where those who do not deserve leadership positions get into the system and in the end derail the government’s efforts in bringing development to people.

Speaking about the cooperative societies, the minister urged PCCB to take serious look into the organisations since corruption is deeply rooted in them.

He said the anti-corruption watchdog should advice the government on the best way to vet the cooperatives societies leaders, adding, “How can you entrust someone who is not well trained and vetted to lead such organisations with a lot of money.”

He thanked PCCB for professional and timely actions to the president’s directives that have led to recovery of farmers’ money, stating that there is need to intensify similar war in other areas in the country.

According to Mkuchika, the revelation in Ruangwa district is just a tip of what is happening in many of such organisations, reminding the anti-graft body to look into other crops too.

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