PCCB returns to teachers 15m/- stolen by Msalala Saccos  leaders

04Jul 2020
The Guardian
PCCB returns to teachers 15m/- stolen by Msalala Saccos  leaders

​​​​​​​THE Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) has rescued 15.02m/- belonging to retired teachers of Msalala District Council that had been embezzled by the Kahama Teachers Saving and Credit Cooperative Society (Saccos).

Handing over the money yesterday to the Kahama District Commissioner Anamringi Macha, the PCCB Head in Kahama District Cosmas Shauri said the monies were divided into two groups – the first one was for 7,780,625/-  and the second for 7,275,500/-.

He said the PCCB conducted investigations on the Kahama Teachers Saccos and discovered of long time debts for 29 retired teachers the money they contributed when they were still working, but was not paid after retiring from public service.

“In the first phase we returned 5,815,800/- to 13 retired teachers who had been demanding the money for a long time and we made sure all their debts were paid to them,” Shauri said.

He added: “In the second phase, after investigations we succeeded to return 7.2m/- that had been embezzled in the construction of Ngaya Health Centre.”

Kahama DC Anamringi Macha congratulated PCCB for the efforts in recovering the money and returning it to owners thereof and called upon it to take legal steps against those responsible.

Macha also called on employees from public and private institutions to ensure they work diligently in regard to money entrusted on them.

The Chairman of Msalala Teachers Saccos, Buya Mipawa confessed of the irregularities in regard to retired teachers’ contributions and hailed anti-corruption body for its effort to rescue the embezzled money.