PCCB trains ‘torch’ on four big water projects

20Jan 2019
Friday Simbaya
Guardian On Sunday
PCCB trains ‘torch’ on four big water projects

The Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) has reported findings of a monitoring base set up late last year to check financial mismanagement on four water projects in Iringa region.

The Regional PCCB Acting Commander, Mweli Kilimali told reporters yesterday that between October and December last year a number of projects among them an irrigation project at Idodi Village were on its watch.

He said the water project was constructed through the Big Results Now (BRN) program at a cost of Sh531m using DADPS funds but failed to get the bill of quantity which was modified as the project was in progress.

Other projects included a water project sponsored Water Resource Development Initiative (WARIDI) implemented by Motomoto Contractors where he said its cost was unclear.

“We had also a Water and Sanitation project in the villages of Migori and Mtera worth Sh1.3bn undertaken by GNMS Construction Co. Ltd which was implemented below standard,” he said.

He named another project as a water and sanitation project implemented at the cost of Sh855m being undertaken by Lekashingo Building Contractors Co. Ltd. All the projects were being monitored to achieve value for money by the government.

The regional PCCB chief also said in the same period last year the anti-corruption body in the region sketched out a five-year strategy to 2022 aimed at improving transparency in various contracts in the region.

PCCB in the region had investigated at least 13 cases where the culprits were brought before courts of law.

He asked the public to abstain from corrupt practices and join hands to counter corrupt practices.

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