Pemba residents out in big numbers for NIDA, SIM cards registration

15Nov 2019
The Guardian
Pemba residents out in big numbers for NIDA, SIM cards registration

RESIDENTS in Pemba District and its environs came out in big numbers for the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) campaign dubbed: ‘Auction for Auction’ aimed at enhancing public knowledge and awareness on the ongoing biometric registration.

TCRA is working closely with mobile network providers, Police Force’s Online Crime Division, National Identification Authority (NIDA) and the Immigration Department for biometric SIM cards registration using NIDA identification cards.

Since its inception the campaign has covered 17 regions including Zanzibar aiming is to cover the whole country.

Zanzibar’s TCRA official Esuphatie Masinga said it is an opportunity for Pemba residents to visit Gombani grounds for registration of their SIM cards as well as for NIDA identification cards due to the presence of communication stakeholders in one place.

He said the ‘MNADA KWA MNADA TCRA’ campaign aims to enforce security and safe use of telecommunication in the country.

He said for those who still do not have NIDA ID cards they should ensure they acquire them during the ongoing campaign.

For his part, TCRA’s Senior Communication Officer, Mabel Masasi said they have received a huge response from the wananchi who need NIDA Id cards for biometric SIM card registration.

He said the wananchi should use the ‘MNADA KWA MNADA TCRA’ campaign as it also educates them on the better and safe use of mobile phones.

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