Plan tourism festivals in sync with tourism calendar - Kanyasu

31Dec 2019
The Guardian
Plan tourism festivals in sync with tourism calendar - Kanyasu

DEPUTY Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Constantine Kanyasu has called upon the country’s tourism stakeholders to ensure whenever they conduct festivals for the promotion of tourism, they should do so during the tourists’ seasons to enable tourists participate in them.

Constantine Kanyasu

He said every festival to be conducted should follow the tourism annual timetable prepared by the ministry to ensure it brings required results.

Speaking yesterday at the opening of Lamadi Tourism Festival that ends on January 1 next year in Busega District, Simiyu Region, Kanyasu said the festival should take place during the coming high tourism season so that all tourists coming from Serengeti National Park can be able to participate.

He said the aim of the Festival is to make the tourists participate directly through traditional ngomas, dresses and even including traditional dishes including, the strategy that would woo them to stay longer.

He said: “This Festival is of special importance since it offers opportunities to tourists who had just visited tourists attraction near the district, to participate with the society through our customs traditions.”

Kanyasu also called on the Festival organisers to invite traditional ngoma groups from the country’s various areas instead of just a few groups from one area of the country.

Meanwhile, kanyasu congratulated the Busega District Commissioner Tano Mwera for coming up of the festival idea that he said, will stimulate tourism in local citizens after foreign tourists come from Serengeti National Park.

He also called upon other district commissioners to conduct similar festivals in their areas.

The Busega District Commissioner Mwera who is also the Festival’s chairperson said the festival will also incite local tourism and make local tourists become ambassadors for the country’s tourist attractions.

She also said the festival will spur people living in the area to engage themselves in tourism activities for income.

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