Plan underway to open branch of High Court in Njombe Region

14Feb 2019
Friday Simbaya
The Guardian
Plan underway to open branch of High Court in Njombe Region

JUDGE Penterine Kente of the High Court of Tanzania in Iringa Region has said  a  plan in underway    to open a branch in Njombe Region as requested by the residents so as to reduce caseload.

Kente said recently when speaking at the celebrations to mark the Law Day held at the Iringa High Court premises.

The judge was concerned with the increased incidences of murder especially the killing of children, calling for the residents not to take the laws into their hands.

He said the fifth phase government is determined to ensure justice of the people hence the need to construct a high court building in the area. He however noted that establishment of the office depends on availability of funds.

Judge Kente explained that the High Court will continue to conduct judicial proceedings in Njombe Region despite the  lacking  of office.

Kente said the responsibility of the judiciary and other matters, is to oversee the entire justice system, in which there is a five-year strategic plan 2015/16-2019/20 aimed at improving judicial services and the provision of justice to the people.

Iringa Regional Commissioner, Ally Hapi called upon security organs to look into how they will control the increased number of crime incidences within the community.

“At least one child is being raped every day in our region while several others  were brutally injured”, said RC Hapi arguing court officials to take into consideration their oaths as they executive their duties.

Chairman of the Tanganyika Law Society (TLS) in Iringa region, Barnabas Nyalusi complained over delayed completion of cases especially criminal cases.

“Cases are delayed even if the suspects were caught with all the exhibits. This leads increased caseload as well as congestion in our prisons”, he said.

Nyalusi urged the court to be careful with people pretending to be lawyers with the intentions of conning those seeking justice at the court.

TLS chairman noted that fake lawyers have been on the increase  daily hence the need to set up traps to arrest them. He said that fake lawyers deny justice to people.

Iringa Region celebrated the Law Day under theme—“Dispensing Justice on Time, the Role of the Court and the Stakeholders”.

Judges also provided judicial education to people at various areas. Some of the places and institutions visited include Klerruu Teachers College, primary and secondary schools.

The ceremony was attended by court stakeholders including the police force, department of public prosecution, prisons, advocates and officials from the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB).

The list included legal aid organisations, land councils, labour offices, social welfare officers, psychiatrists and attorneys, court advisers and peacekeepers.



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