PM inspects Dar-Moro SGR portion, 87pc done

08Aug 2020
James Kandoya
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
PM inspects Dar-Moro SGR portion, 87pc done

PRIME Minister KassimMajaliwa has expressed satisfaction with the progress made in the construction of the Dar es Salaam – Morogoro section of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) as it has now reached 87 per cent.

Addressing a crowd in Ruvu after touring the project from Ruvu to Pugu stations (50 kilometres) by engineering train, the premier commended the contractor for the speed and quality of the work done.

He also reminded the contractor to ensure that construction work is completed on time as per contractual agreement so that Tanzanians move to modern and fast transport.

He took time to remind the Tanzania Railway Corporation (TRC) management to ensure the contractor pays accrued debts to suppliers and subcontractors as President John Magufuli ordered in his recent tour of the project.

“Frankly speaking, the contractor has done good job so far. It is our hope that he will finish the job on time as per agreement,” he said.

The 7.2 trn/- project is executed by the Turkish construction firm-YapiMerkez for the 300 kilometre section, followed by the Morogoro- Makutopora section (422 kilometres).

Majaliwa told TRC Managing Director Masanja Kadogosa to fast-track an evaluation exercise for residents of Pugu Kisiwani whose dwellings and other built structures are within the railway reserve zone.

The directive came after complaints from the residents of the Pugu Kisiwani in Ilala district who wanted to know the fate of promised compensation.

“I have directed the TRC boss and his team to come and start the evaluation process that seemed to be moving slowly somewhere, so that they can be paid and vacate the space,” he said.

He assured the residents that no one will lose his or her rights during the evaluation process, to pave the way for construction of the SGR Mombasa – Pugu Kisiwani section.

He similarly asked Coast Regional Commissioner Evaristo Ndikilo to ensure that ongoing conflicts between cattle herders and farmers are solved.

At Ruvu station some residents expressed fears following attack from a group of herders causing injuries and destruction of crops, and nothing had been done so far.

The Deputy Minister for Works, Transport and Communications, Atashasta Nditiye said the government was finalizing the tender procedures of procuring the fast track train when construction of the SGR is completed.

He said the Dar es Salaam-Moshi Arusha train will be launched anytime from now as the renovation of the old rail track was largely over.

Kadogosa said that once renovating the meter gauge track was over, the train can travel at the speed of 70 kilometres, from 35 kilometres per hour in the past.

The TRC management had directed the contractor to pay the suppliers and subcontractors debts amounting to over 21bn/-, he added.

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