PM invites Cuban investors in sugar, tourism sectors

10Sep 2019
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PM invites Cuban investors in sugar, tourism sectors

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa yesterday appealed to Cuban investors to come and set foot in the country’s agriculture sector especially in sugarcane production on the basis of the country’s achievements and successes in the sector.

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa leads a government delegation during talks in Dodoma city yesterday with a Cuban government delegation led by First Deputy Foreign Affairs minister Marcelino Medina Gonzalez (R). Photo: PMO

He made this appeal in Dodoma in a conversation with Cuban First Deputy-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marcelino Medina Gonzalez.

The premier hailed the big Caribbean island for support it has offered to Tanzania especially in improving social warfare.

“Tanzania and Cuba have historical relations. We recognize the deep relations existing between the two countries and that this relationship has been there since the first phase government of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and founder president Fidel Castro Ruz,” he said.

He said Cuba has made tremendous development in agricultural technology as well as techniques of the production of sugar.

Tanzania has adequate resources required to meet production and a ready market considering that the country is a net sugar importer, he said, highlighting that Tanzania is in need of 105,000 tonnes of sugar for domestic consumption and 155,000 tonnes of industrial sugar per annum.

The Cuban economy has depended heavily on the sugarcane crop since the 18th century. Vast areas have been leveled, irrigated, and planted sugarcane, and yields per acre have increased with rising application of fertilizers. In 2015, raw sugar accounted for $378 million of Cuba's $1.4 billion exports.

The premier underlined that the government will continue to strengthen relations with Cuba in various sectors, including social welfare exchanges.

He mentioned the sectors such as health where doctors from Cuba have been coming to Tanzania to train local doctors and Tanzanian doctors hosted in Cuba for further learning.

He similarly invited Cuban investors to help modernize the tourism industry, highlighting the fact that there is a city in Cuba which receives one million tourists a year and has it is only 22 kilometres in breadth.

Commenting on the newly opened Cuban embassy, the premier said it will facilitate communication between the two countries.

In her remarks, the visiting senior cabinet minister said the government of Cuba will continue to strengthen relations between the two countries, hailing efforts by the government to strengthen economic growth benefitting all the people.

She pointed at how she had been impressed by the government’s decision to open an embassy in Cuba as it would strengthen relations between the two countries. The senior minister visited Zanzibar before his working meeting with the premier in Dodoma.