PM tells envoys to lead the way in wooing foreign investment

08Feb 2017
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PM tells envoys to lead the way in wooing foreign investment

AMBASSADORS representing Tanzania abroad have been tasked to seek investors in the manufacturing sector so as to help the country attain its industrialisation dream.

Kassim Majaliwa

According to Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa, the government’s plan is to lay a foundation for an industrial-based national economy, with the role of envoys being to identify foreign funding sources for purposes of implementation.

Majaliwa made the remarks yesterday when he held talks with several ambassadors who are set to take up representative positions in various countries.

They are Dr Emanuel Nchimbi who has been assigned to Brazil, Elizabeth Kiondo (Turkey), George Madafa (Italy), James Msekela (Switzerland), Samuel Shelukindo (France), Paul Mella (DRC), and Mbelwa Kairuki (China).

The PM told the envoys: “The government needs people to come and invest in industries that add value to our products before they are sold outside the country, and your task now is to ensure we get the best investors.”

He also called on them to ensure they sell Tanzania and its attractions so that more tourists visit the country.

Speaking on behalf of the other envoys, ambassador Mella said they will represent the country as directed and entrusted by the president.

The PM’s call echoes that of the local private sector which also recently pointed out that the country’s envoys in foreign countries have a key catalyst role to play for the government’s industrialisation dream to come true.

At a meeting with the newly appointed ambassadors last week, the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) called on them to help solicit trade opportunities especially in the areas of agriculture, technology and development of small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs).

TPSF officials said the envoys should seek to capitalise on economic diplomacy, and work on the premise that an industrialised economy cannot be built by the government alone without close collaboration with the private sector which is key to mobilizing resources.

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