Police arrest kidnapper after car chase

07Oct 2018
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Police arrest kidnapper after car chase

THE police in Mwanza region have arrested a man accused alongside with two accomplices of hiring a car, kidnapping and wounding the driver.

The kidnappers are said to have shot the driver before making away with the car.

Mwanza Regional Police Commander Jonathan Shanna named the suspect as Peter Nyanchiwa, who was also found in possession of a pistol with 12 rounds of ammunition as well as two AK 47 sub-machine gun and a magazine with 30 rounds ammunition.

The RPC said that a week ago the suspect and two accomplices hired a minibus from the owner (name withheld) in the city, intending to collect tourists from the Serengeti National Park in Mara Region.

The suspects claimed they needed to hire the minibus since their van for tourism activities in the national park had broken down, he said.

Reaching Nata in Serengeti, the suspects got the driver off the bus and shot him in the jaw and left with the vehicle, believing he had died.

“Residents held the gunshot and rushed to the scene where they found the driver and rushed him to Serengeti hospital,” he said.

The three suspects then drove the minibus through Bariadi, Shinyanga, Kahama and were heading to neighbouring Uganda to sell it before being arrested, he said.

“It was cooperation with police in Mara and Geita regions who started tailing the bus hijackers and nabbed then after we got the information,” the RPC elaborated.

A police patrol ordered the suspects to stop when they reached Runzewe, but they defied the order and opened fire on the police, he stated.

 The police then started to chase them and got one suspects as two vanished into the wilderness.

When the bus was inspected two AK 47 magazines and AK 47 sub-machine gun with 30 rounds ammunition were found, along with a pistol, a passport belonging to Nyanchiwa and two white number plates.

At least Sh1.3million was recovered with various other tools to break and steal in people’s homes were found, among other items.  “The two suspects will be taken to court soon after investigations are completed,” the RPC added.

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