Police detain three Councilors officials for shoddy schools projects

23Nov 2019
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Police detain three Councilors officials for shoddy schools projects

POLICE in Kagera Region are holding three Bukoba Municipal Council officials for failing to supervise construction and renovation projects at Kaholoholo and Bukoba secondary schools.

The officials’ detention was ordered by the Kagera Regional Commissioner Brig Gen Marco Gaguti during his inspection visit to projects implemented at the schools saying the work done was not satisfactory.

Gaguti said the government tries its best to issue funds for the renovation of the schools’ infrastructures but supervisors are failing to do their work to acceptable standards and in time.

He said the twin projects were earmarked for completion in October this year according to the contract agreement.

However, the Regional Commissioner due to poor work supervision, ordered the immediate arrest of the headmaster of Kahololo Secondary School Marick Ogambage, and the acting headmaster of Bukoba Secondary School Siasa Focus, the Bukoba Municipal Council’s engineer George Geofrey, and the Mzinga Contracting Company project manager Festo Tarimo.

He said the central government dished out 893.8m/- for Kaholoholo Secondary School project that involved renovation work for power, water, sewage and dormitories infrastructures, adding that up to now only 32 percent of the work is completed including renovation of the administrative building comprising of four classrooms and the laboratory.

As for Bukoba Secondary School the government gave 1.4bn/- for renovation of buildings whose roofs were blown away by heavy winds in October 2018 as well as damages from the September 2016 earth tremor, but up to now only 85 percent of the work has been completed.

Earlier, reading the progress report of the work on project, the Kaholoholo Secondary School headmaster said the main challenge facing the school is the contractor’s unavailability whenever required to clarify certain issues.

He said renovation work at his school involved 24 buildings including classrooms, dining room, toilets, administrative buildings and 10 houses for school staff and was to be completed in 75 days only beginning August this year.

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