Police haul fellow cop but a ‘jack of all vices’

07Jan 2021
The Guardian
Police haul fellow cop but a ‘jack of all vices’

A POLICE officer in Arusha City has been arrested for stealing electricity at his house, being in possession of prohibited alcoholic drinks packed in sachets (viroba) and a range of other products.

The policeman whose name and rank were not disclosed was arrested yesterday following an impromptu inspection by District Commissioner Kenan Kihongosi conducted at his home where he was also found with 20 marijuana sticks, petrol and diesel in plastic containers and illicit brew “gongo’ hidden in his car boot and some in his sitting room.

The DC, in his capacity as chairman of the district defence and security committee, said the arrest of the policeman followed information he received on a person suspected to be stealing electricity.

“When I received the information I informed the company’s regional manager and the police and on the night of Tuesday (January 5) at around 9.00pm we arrived at the house and discovered the occupant is a policeman,” he said.

He said they first inspected the wiring of electricity and ascertained that he was illegally connected as he had not paid power charges since July 2019...read more on https://epaper.ippmedia.com

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