Police hold a resident for possession of buffalo meat

07Apr 2020
The Guardian
Police hold a resident for possession of buffalo meat

​​​​​​​POLICE in Tunduru district are holding a Kidodoma village resident in the district for being in possession of 10 kg of buffalo meat.

The Ruvuma regional Police Commander Simon Maigwa said the man, Hamisi Nasoro Chamtumavi (24) was arrested by police officers in conjunction with game officials in Tunduru district.

He said the man was arrested on the night of 3-4 April this year with 14 pieces of the game meat after the police received a tip off from good citizens.

RPC Maigwa said in his earlier statement from the suspect, the police realised that there was a network game meat poachers whose other members were from Kilwa district in Lindi region.

Maigwa said the police were still hunting for other members of the network who kill game using machetes.

He said according to the suspect’s statement, the poachers do the hunting during the night in the reserve forests.

RPC Maigwa said whilst in the forest the poachers use powerful flashlights which they attach on their foreheads and direct the beam to the animals that become dazed by the high intensity beam and stay still.

He said thereafter other poachers with sharp machetes stalk the dazed animals from behind and start slashing their legs by the machetes disabling them from running away after which they kill them off.

Speaking about the incident the Tunduru district acting wildlife officer Limbega Ali confirmed such incidents happening in the reserve areas and his department is well prepared to fight the poachers.