Police, local organisation pledge to work together

06Feb 2018
Rose Jacob
The Guardian
Police, local organisation pledge to work together

Police officers have been warned against breaking the law by employing under aged children as house helps in their homes.

Speaking at Ilemela and Nyamagana districts during a police heads sensitisation forum on elimination of all forms of violence and exploitation against children, executive director of Wote Sawa, a local organisation operating within the region Angela Benedicto said employing a child below 14 years is considered as an act of violence against children and those involved shall meet the full force of the law.

Citing the Children’s Act no. 21 of 2009 and the Employment and Labour Relations Act no 6 of 2004, Angela said all domestic workers over the age of 14 years should be provided with working contracts. The director noted that alongside the contracts, all domestic workers should also enjoy job security, work leave and timely salary payments in line with the Wage Order of 2013.

She noted that Wote Sawa will work with security forces in the region to ensure that employers meet the basic human rights requirements for domestic workers.

“We expect that as law enforcers, the Police Force shall be a living example to the society while enforcing the provisions of the country’s labour laws, the Child’s act as well as all other laws protecting the welfare of the domestic worker”. Said Angela.

She added that any police officer employing a child below 14 years of age is going against the law and thus an act of betrayal to the police force.

Elsewhere, Mwanza SSP Ally Mkalipa has also asked the Police force to ensure protection and security of domestic workers and that employers adhere to the government rules and regulations touching on domestic workers. Mkalipa who was speaking during the monthly joint police force session that was attended by among others the railway police officers , field force unit (FFU), traffic unit, dog unit and the horse police unit asked the police to combine efforts in the protection of the domestic worker.

His sentiments were also echoed by the Mwanza regional Labour Officer Goodluck Luginga who urged employers to ensure that domestic workers are well catered for and that they are able to earn their benefits once their contracts are terminated.



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