Police in Mbeya arrest one suspect buying goods using phantom cheques

30Mar 2020
The Guardian
Police in Mbeya arrest one suspect buying goods using phantom cheques

POLICE in Mbeya in collaboration with the prison department and other legal bodies had embarked on a new strategy to reduce congestion in prisons and detainees in various prisons as part of measures aimed to fight the spread of coronavirus.

Mbeya regional police commander ASP Ulrich Matei.

The bodies commenced the exercise during the weekend with top officials conducting visits to the prisons to witness the congestion but also hear various challenges facing the inmates.

Speaking to journalists soon after the tour, Mbeya regional police commander ASP Ulrich Matei said that during the visit, it was found that the region had a total of 1424 prisoners and detainees.

According to him, as the country struggles to battle the Covid-19 pandemic and with consideration of President John Magufuli directives, the region’s authorities decided to take some key measures which include decongesting prisons.

“We all remember that President Magufuli directed authorities to reduce number of prisons in the areas where there high congestions. Mbeya region had 770 sentenced prisoners and 654 detainees who are being charged with various counts including murder, economic sabotage, armed robbery and other crimes.

ASP Matei said that to implement the strategy, he advised the representative of the region’s public prosecutor Basilius Namkambe to withdraw cases of all suspects charged with recklessness driving, assaults and robberies.

He said that other decongestion procedures are being taken by authorities and other legal bodies.

RPC Matei further said that the authorities also listened to various challenges facing the inmates and agreed to address them.

Meanwhile, commander Matei said that police is holding one person identified as Adelhard Method (37) who is a trader and Njombe region resident over fraud allegations.

He said the suspect was arrested on March 24, in Morogoro region where he was trying to escape after stealing properties from other traders using fake bank cheques.

“The suspect was deceiving whole sale traders by paying them through the cheques whenever he takes goods from them. But the traders later realised that the cheques were fake after visiting one bank branch to deposit them,” he said.

ASP Matei said that during the interrogations, the suspect admitted, saying that he had a number of phantom bank cheques to fulfill the business.

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