Police officer sacked for causing death of theft suspect

17Jan 2020
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Police officer sacked for causing death of theft suspect

POLICE in Zanzibar has fired a police officer, Hussein Yahya Rashid (36), after he was found to have caused the death of one Mussa Suleiman whom he had accused of theft.

Speaking yesterday to reporters Zanzibar Urban West Regional Police Commander Awadh Juma Mohamed confirmed the sacking of the officer with Force No. 3307412 since November last year.

The RPC explained that the offence committed by the police officer was to hand over the suspect to the angry mob who immediately attacked him causing his death.

He said the police officer was required to take the suspect to the police station for custody while waiting for other procedures for prosecution purposes.

He further said; when people commit crimes they run to police stations where they believe proper legal procedure will follow.

“Yes, it is true we have sacked our former police officer Hussein Yahya Rashid who after arresting a suspected criminal he handed him to an angry mob who attacked him till he met with his death,” he said.

He called upon other police officers to understand well laws governing the police force.

He said the main task of the police force is to protect the safety of the citizens and their property – you cannot arrest a theft suspect and take him to angry civilians.